Companies are constantly changing, due to organizational, process-related and even generational transitions. The project schedule is typically tight and so the overall performance is at risk: passing on the information or training the new manager becomes a decisive issue for the organization, planning and achievement of your company goals.


ESHQ Consulting stands side by side with the manager so that he can develop his/her skills, identify OH&S targets and define what resources are needed.
The coaching service provided by ESHQ Consulting supports business managers continuously, giving them answers to the most urgent questions and designing a customized training course.



ESHQ Consulting  offers the coaching service to managers or groups of managers. Its main steps are:

  •  analysis of legal requirements and the relative gap analysis;
  •  evaluation and organization of human resources;
  •  analysis of the main issues that could slow down the achievement of business goals;
  • the creation of a work plan;
  •  choice of resources to be used in the project.

The coach is therefore by the side of the manager, not only regarding specific OH&S questions, but also regarding practical operating techniques, in order to rectify any non-compliance with legislative requirements or certification requirements. Quick support by phone, in order to give/receive updates on the work plan, is also included.

Attractive packages of two, five or ten days, in person or via Skype coaching, are available.

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