As part of the Responsible Care program, CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council) launched in the early 90s a specific program with the aim of improving the level of safety during transport, storage and handling of chemicals.
A key element of the program was the development of some checklists for the Evaluation of Safety and Quality Systems (Safety and Quality Assessment Systems – SQAS), each related to a particular mode of transportation (road, rail, intermodal, washing stations, shipping of bulk or packaged goods, Inland waterways and inland ports).


SQAS provides a tool to evaluate, through independent auditors and a standardized questionnaire, the OH&S and Environmental Management Systems of logistics service providers, so as to avoid multiple audits by all the different chemical companies for which they work: therefore, SQAS helps chemical companies in selecting logistic service providers and defining improvement actions.


The SQAS system is adopted mainly by transport companies, storage companies, wash stations, railway services companies and warehousing services, with different benefits:

  • the supplier can avoid being subject to multiple audits by all the different chemical companies for which it operates;
  • chemical companies benefit from an objective assessment tool for the selection of logistics service providers.

SQAS-ESAD questionnaires follow different principles: an analysis of the capacity of the transport company and the chemical distribution company; an efficient cover of Health and Safety needs, management of environmental and quality needs; a process of continuous improvement.


  • Initial gap analysis, aimed at verifying the status of implementation of all mandatory requirements at the customer headquarters.
  • Implementation of a management system according to the SQAS system for the transport and storage of chemicals;
  • Programming of the SQAS-ESAD management system;
  • Implementation and control of the SQAS-ESAD management system; toglierei
    support to the verification of the SQAS-ESAD system during the third party audit;
  • Fixing of legislative gaps.

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