Drinking water quality is typically heavily regulated by national laws, therefore it is often subject to strict hygienic-sanitary controls, such as chemical and microbiological analyses..


The activity of the laboratory is fundamental for the study and the verification of the correct parameters of drinking water, whose monitoring is aimed at the detection of the parameters within which the water for human consumption must be maintained.

Our staff, and laboratory, are available to those who need to carry out checks on water for human consumption.

ESHQ Consulting provides three types of technical and analytical advice service regarding asbestos:

  • Preliminary assessment of the grade of asbestos degradation through specific methods;
  • Analysis on bulk samples with FT-IR spectrometry for the qualitative detection of asbestos;
  • Evaluation of the concentration of airborne fibres in the work/living environment



Detection and analysis in living and working environments of the radioactive gas Radon concentration in compliance with national laws.

The services provided by ESHQ Consulting include:

  • Monitoring of living and working environments with nuclear track detectors CR-39 closed (poliallildiglicol carbonate) for quarterly surveys to cover the survey periods year, or in the workplace according to specific guidelines;
  • Use of high sensitivity detectors in order to make preliminary mappings for the short term
  • Real-time analysis with special electronic instrumentation;
  • Evaluation report of the Radon risk;
  • Technical consultancy for designing buildings with anti-radon measures;
  • Containment systems designed to reduce radon risk in existing buildings:


This service covers the measurement regarding lighting design:

  • FLD calculation, through specific professional software;
  • Instrumental verification in lighting design and minimum and medium FLD, using photoradiometer-lux meter;
  • Technical Evaluation reports and verification of regulated limits for living and working environments;
  • Definition of lighting comfort parameters;
  • Verification of lighting factors at workstations according to UNI EN 12464;
  • Simulations of changes to buildings that may impact on lighting requirements.



ESHQ Consulting performs an instrumental survey through a triaxial vibration analyser, aimed at the correct assessment of exposure of the worker to the mechanical vibration of the hand-arm system (HAV) and whole body vibration (WBV).

Mechanical Vibrations are oscillations of a mechanical system in relation  to a point of equilibrium. The oscillations may be free or forced: this depends from the external force as in the case of the use of work tools by a worker.

Frequency and intensity affect the different parts of the human body in different ways, therefore it is necessary to make a separate analysis of the vibrations to the hand-arm system (typical of electric-portable equipment or the use of hand tools such as hammers) and of those to the whole body (e.g. use of forklift trucks, earth moving machines and motor vehicles in general).

Vibrations tend to be underestimated by the workers themselves because they do not produce an immediate impairment as in the case of shearing, crushing, falls from heights, but manifest their health effects only after several years and with different intensity from person to person.

The analysing tool complies with the European requirements on vibration measurement: European Directive 2002/44 / EC; ISO 5349-2001; ISO 2631; ISO 8041 Class 1; ANSI S3.34; ANSI S3.18; and ACGIH TLV’s HAV & WBV 2004.


The measurement campaign is conducted by specialists, which will prepare a comprehensive final report of instrumental investigation reports, personal exposure calculation for members of different kind of exposure, analysis of concurrent risks such as noise, microclimate, ototoxic substances.

ESHQ consulting also offers a service of consulting regarding  which specific DPI are needed and development of mitigation systems.


ESHQ Consulting employs skilled technicians with years of experience in the analysis and evaluation of electromagnetic fields, offering the following services:

  • Measures of electromagnetic fields both in broadband and narrow band;
  • Simultaneous Evaluation of exposure to different frequency ranges with additive effects;
  • Spectral analysis of the electromagnetic field;
  • Measures and valuations with reference to population and workforce exposure;
  • Measurement and evaluation of magnetic fields coming from power lines, power stations, radio base antennas, telephony, wireless networks, industrial machinery, etc.


This service relates to the instrumental measurement of AOR (Artificial Optical Radiation), which is necessary to define the extent of this risk and therefore set this information in the Risk Assessment Document.

ESHQ Consulting offers the following services:

  • Instrumental measurement of AOR;
  • Risk Assessment report regarding AOR;
  • Identification of appropriate personal protective equipment for exposed workers;
  • Definition of suitable shielding and collective protection systems.


This service involves the performance of instrumental investigations, in order to determine the PMV (Predicted Mean Vote) and PPD (Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied), necessary to assess the microclimatic conditions in moderate climates according to UNI EN ISO 7730: 2006.


Where required by the client, or as required by the technical reference standards based on evidence in site, the survey may be extended to the index determination WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) according to ISO 7243 and ISO 7726.

At the end of the computation it is given a technical report of evaluation of microclimate conditions in the various areas under investigation.

The evaluation is completed with the evaluation of the aspects of thermal insulation provided by clothing and metabolic energy relative to the specific activity.

On request, where relevant, we are able to provide assessment for hot and cold climates, with specific instrumentation.


ESHQ Consulting performs sampling in living and working environments, aimed at research of pollutants that can be hazardous to your health and safety.


We offer a complete service which ranges from sampling planning, assisting clients in the selection of the strategy and sampling points, up to the definition of which pollutants are to be searched and the interpretation of results.

Sampling is managed by our specialist, and matrices obtained are subjected to technical analysis.

In particular, we provide sampling aimed at determining the concentration of inhalable and respirable dust, inorganic acids, volatile organic compounds, aromatic and aliphatic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, plasticizers, isocyanates, ammonia, aldehydes, silica, metals.


ESHQ Consulting follows the client also in the phases of interpretation of the results obtained and provides possible implementation of corrective actions if necessary.

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